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About us

We are a very personal small animal practice that cares for the well-being and general health maintenance of your pet. In addition to dogs and cats, we also take care of other types of animals: for example, small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs or chinchillas, but also turtles are welcome.

Services of our practice

With us all animals are private patients!

Kittens in the consultation

General consultation

Clinical general examination and advice on prevention and treatment of diseases in dogs, cats and pets.


Vaccinations, chip markings

Vaccinations & parasite defense, as well as electronic marking (micro-chip) and registration with the animal database (ANIS, AMICUS).

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Laboratory tests

We have an in-house and very modern equipped laboratory. Thus, we can perform all blood analyses immediately and act quickly if necessary.



Health starts with the teeth, a wisdom that applies not only to humans but also to animals.


This field has fascinated Dr. Hiestand since the beginning of his veterinary career: Animals can't really say if and where something hurts them.

OR team


Surgery starts with the consultation and the important question: Is the surgery really necessary and does the patient gain quality of life?

Wound healing

Wound healing disorders require a lot of experience, know-how and special treatment options, we can help.


Physical therapies

The Obersee practice is a leader in cold plasma therapy for animals and also offer ZRT and shock waves.

The best for your pet

For pet owners

Things to know about your pet's well-being.

Emergency service

For help outside opening hours

Route plan

How to find us.

The patients in the film can obviously recommend us - impressions from our daily practice routine


New partner practice

New partner practice: and expansion of the Obersee practice The small animal practice at Obersee GmbH was founded in 2009 by Dr. Leslie Wohlgroth

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New rooms put into operation

From summer to autumn 2023, the treatment and operating rooms as well as the laboratory and wards for the animals at the Obersee practice were expanded, restructured and modernized.

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Information for pet owners

The Obersee-Praxis has got a sister, is open!

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