Fact sheets on cat ownership:

Motherless rearing of kittens: Most important measures to give kittens without a mother a chance for a healthy life:

Food allergy in the cat:

Poisonous for cats:

Traffic accident with cat and dog: Who is liable? Car drivers and animal owners are causally liable. In each case, it is necessary to determine who is liable for what portion. Evidence should be secured. More details in the following leaflet of the legal service of the Swiss Veterinary Society:

Leaflets for dog owners or those who want to become one:

The Acquisition of a dog wants to be well considered. Maybe the leaflet of the Federal Veterinary Office will give you some good ideas:

Food allergy in dogs:

Poisonous for dogs:

Chocolate poisoning

Breeding with dogs? There is also a fact sheet on this from the Federal Veterinary Office:

Bite injuries are a subject to which special attention must be paid. There is a legal obligation to report such injuries. Frequently asked questions are answered by the following leaflet of the Swiss Veterinary Society:

Dogs docking has been prohibited in Switzerland for several years. Nevertheless, one still meets dogs with docked body parts (tail, ears...) in Switzerland. What is legal or illegal about it and whether these dogs are still allowed to cross the Swiss border, you can read in the following leaflet of the Federal Veterinary Office:

MDR 1 genetic defect: concerns Collie/Sheltie, Australian Shepherd, White Shepherd, Bobtail, Border Collie, English Shepard, Longhaired Whippet, other breeds under suspicion. 

Fact sheets on parasites:

Leaflet external parasites (fleas and ticks):  How to remove ticks correctly? How big is the risk for my animal? The info-flyer from the specialized office:

Fact sheets Internal parasites (worms): Do I need to deworm? How big is the risk for my animal? The info-flyer from the specialized office:

How often do I need to deworm? The official deworming plans of the specialized body (ESCCAP):

Fact sheet on fungal infections in animals and humans:

Skin fungi are a troublesome problem. They can be transmitted from animal to animal, from animal to human or vice versa (zoonosis) and from human to human. They particularly often affect animal and human children. Therefore, the following fact sheet is of interest to all animal owners:

Operation fact sheets:

Anesthesia and surgery coming up? Please note the points in our PDF compilation:

OP leaflet cat and dog

Emergency Posters:

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