Offices (Cantonal Veterinary Office)  (Gamekeeper Canton Schwyz) (Information portal of the Federal Veterinary Office)


Dog schools and trainers in the region: (March) (Siebnen): (Altendorf) (Altendorf) (Beichlen, Wädenswil) (mobile) (Einsiedeln and Wollerau) (Agility Team Wollerau)

Dog Salons:

Dog Breeding/Dog Buying:  (German Wire Hair) (Azawakhs) (Important information about the purchase of a puppy)

Cat breeding: Bombay and Burmese cats

Cremation: (Animal Crematorium Seon) (Animal Crematorium Dicentra Rüti)

Organizations and associations: (Society of Swiss Veterinarians) (Swiss Association of Small Animal Veterinarians)  (Animal physiotherapists) (Swiss Cynological Society) (Turtle Interest Group Switzerland)

Osteopathy: (med. vet. Felicitas Fehlmann, Einsiedeln)


Travel with animals:

Turtles: Turtle Interest Group, SIGS) (Central Switzerland Section of SIGS Switzerland) (Sanctuaries for turtles of SIGS)

Special articles around animal husbandry: (Brain games for dogs)

Animal care on site (petsitting):

Animal Databases: (official Swiss pet database for all pets except dogs) (official Swiss dog database for owners and their dogs) (Swiss Animal Reporting Center, non-profit organization)

Animal husbandry:

Animal Holiday Boarding: (Altendorf) (AU, dogs and cats) (Dogs and Cats, Zurich) (Cat Hotel, Küsnacht) (Cat hotel, single room, Lustdorf near Frauenfeld) (Cat hotel, single room, Feusisberg)

Animal Welfare/Shelters: (Swiss Animal Protection, STS) (Animal Protection Association of the Canton of Schwyz) Pedition for mandatory neutering outdoor cats (Foundation for the Animal in Law) (Schwyz Animal Protection) (Animal placement platform of the Swiss Animal Protection) (Association for animal placement and protection) (Network for Animal Protection, Switzerland and abroad) (animal aid projects on site at home and abroad) (Rescue center for parrots) (cat sanctuary, cat placement) (cat rescue centers, cat placement) (Rescue of injured and sick animals with transport to the vet, animal shelter Pfötli, Winkel) (Hedgehog stations and info on hedgehog care)

Pet Insurance/Health Insurance: (epona/anicare) (also participates in vaccinations without a deductible). (illness, accident, travel and legal protection) (Tips on the subject)

Environmental influences: (Shielding from earth rays/water veins/electrosmog)

Behavioral Therapy/Dog Bite Prevention:

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