Practice offer

From the general consultation, supported by the in house high-tech laboratory to surgery and orthopedics to physical therapies, our broad spectrum ranges. For a 'small animal practice' we have quite a lot to offer, let us surprise you!

General services

Usually expected small animal practice offer - upscale standard.

General consultation

  • General consultation
    Survey of health status and detection of problems
  • Consulting on the keeping, feeding and prevention as well as treatment of diseases in dogs, cats and pets (such as guinea pigs and rabbits).
  • Electronic marking (micro-chip) and registration with the animal databases
  • Coat care for example with cats and rabbits, if necessary also with sedation (tranquilization with medication)
  • Vaccinations and other disease precautions, such as parasite prophylaxis
  • Laboratory testsfor example, preventive examinations (blood check-up) in the in-house laboratory
  • Travel sickness, treatment and prophylaxis, advice when traveling abroad: What to consider?
  • Zoonoses, communicable diseases between pets and humans, treatment of animals, advice to pet owners.

Special services

Extended offer

Wound healing

Wound healing is a core competence of Dr. Hiestand: around 30 years of experience in surgery combined with the latest findings from research and development in the field of cold plasma technology result in completely new ways of treating skin diseases and wound healing disorders. We use cold plasma in wound healing. This physical therapy can replace antibiotics, reduce itching and pain, and stimulate healing.


Operations (Surgery):

  • Eye surgery
  • Anal pouch removal
  • Soft tissue surgery (castration, intestinal surgery, gastric torsion, tumor removal)
  • Bone surgery (in accidents with bone fractures: fracture stabilization/osteosynthesis)
  • Orthopedic surgeries: Knee joint: cruciate ligament rupture, patellar luxation (dislocation of the patella)
  • Electrosurgery
  • Plastic surgery (nose enlargement, brachycephalic syndrome)
  • Dental treatments, jaw surgery and much more. 

The anesthesia is tailored to the patient and can range from total intravenous administration to inhalation anesthesia (gas). Monitoring is done with electronic monitors, which display circulatory values and oxygen supply. In case of emergency we can react immediately and artificial respiration is also possible. In the recovery box, patients continue to be well monitored by means of mobile monitoring devices and electronically controlled warming systems.


Gait problems, limping, pain, back problems. We offer detailed clinical examination of legs and back, check segmental mobility of the back (blockages) and can make clarifications with X-ray and ultrasound. Orthopedic surgery (cruciate ligament rupture, patellar dislocations) and pain management are possible treatments. For neutral second opinions contact us.

Overextension of hips and back on one side

Shock wave

Shock wave therapy is a modern, "non-invasive" however physical form of therapy. "Non-invasive" refers to treatments that do not involve injury to the surface of the body. A typical "invasive" therapy, on the other hand, would be surgery. Shockwave has been used in human orthopedics since the 1990s. More recently, this form of therapy is now being used more and more in small animal orthopedics.

Dental clinic - dentist

We take the subject of dentistry very seriously and have decided from the beginning to equip ourselves well in this field and acquire the necessary expertise. Dental patients are therefore in very good hands with us and it is our daily practice to perform mouth and dental treatments on all small animals.

Eye pressure measurement cat2


Eye examinations, ophthalmology (eye clinic/ophthalmology) is one of our specialties! Examination by means of binocular slit lamp, eye pressure measurements, examination of the retina by means of fundus camera as well as surgical corrections around the eye. 

(ZRT)-Extracellular Matrix Therapy

Cell biological regulation therapy can be used as an adjunctive therapy for many diseases.  In particular, complaints of the musculoskeletal system itself are the focus. Usually two treatments are necessary at an interval of 2-3 days. The treatment lasts 10-20 min. depending on the size of the treated area. No medication is necessary for the treatment! The treatment is painless and is well tolerated, even enjoyed most of the time!

Cold plasma - antibiotic reduction and better healing

Cold plasma, the newest physical therapy, is now available to us in the veterinary office! With the device in the form of a 'pen', we can treat pathological and painful regions and directly stimulate the cells to achieve faster healing. By changing the behavior of the cells, we correct disturbances in biological cell communication, reduce inflammation, itching and pain.

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