Emergency service and practice representation

The following 24-hour emergency clinics are available:

Ennetsee Clinic:

Ennetsee Klinik für Kleintiere AG (ESK) Hünenberg(ZG):
Tel: 0900 780 800 (CHF 3.00 /minute, from the fixed network)


Marigin, Center for Veterinary Medicine, Firststrasse 31, 8835 Feusisberg

Emergency phone: 0900 900 500 (3.50 CHF / MIN)

Tel: 055 536 44 44


Animal Hospital Zurich/UNI Clinic:

Small animal clinic: Tel: 044 635 81 11


In each case, please indicate that we have referred you to the appropriate emergency veterinary practice or emergency clinic so that the referral back and transfer of medical history will work and we will be informed.

Animal in distress and transport problems?

If you are unable to help an animal or take a sick or injured animal to the veterinarian, there is still the option of contacting the Animal Rescue Service:

24-hour emergency center animal rescue service

Tel.: 044 211 22 22

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