Cold plasma therapy

Antibiotic reduction and better healing

Cold plasma, the newest form of physical therapy, is now available to us in veterinary medicine! The small animal practice at Lake Obersee is involved in the research and development of this important innovation with Dr. med. vet. Michael Hiestand as an expert for cold plasma therapy in small animals in collaboration with universities and gives lectures on it at international congresses and seminars.

Cold plasma is increasingly used in wound healing, skin infections and other indications. The tissue-compatible cold plasma contains numerous disinfecting agents that are extremely effective in killing pathogens. Unlike antibiotics, this effect knows no resistance. We can also use it to combat multi-resistant bacteria. In addition, cold plasma allows us to reduce the use of antibiotics! We have been allowed to cure numerous patients, who were unsuccessfully pre-treated, with cold plasma. The treatment is painless and is very well tolerated by the animals.

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With the device in the form of a 'pen' we can treat pathological and painful regions and directly stimulate the cells to achieve faster healing. By changing the behavior of the cells, we correct disturbances in biological cell communication, reduce inflammation, itching and pain. In addition to the direct effect on the cells, we also stimulate blood circulation with this treatment. New blood vessels are even formed if they are missing, for example, in scar tissue.

Accordingly, the application possibilities of this gentle and painless form of therapy are manifold:

Cold plasma against inflammation of the skin

Inflammations of the skin, including those caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi, can be treated very well with the pen. Skin parasites such as lice or demodex mites can also be killed.

Cold plasma for wound healing

Wounds that heal poorly due to wound healing disorders can be stimulated to heal with cold plasma. Infections can be treated. The healing process is better organized, thus the replaced tissue will have better properties. Scars are reduced.

Cold plasma in orthopedics

In particular, chronic inflammations that are difficult to treat, ligament and tendon injuries, are typical indications for this painless therapy. However, muscle tissue also reacts positively to the treatment with relaxation and decramping, for example in hardened muscles after muscle strain or inflammation. Bruises dissolve more quickly. Back pain can be treated particularly well, as we can have a calming effect on muscles and nerve tissue.

Cold plasma during operations

If operations have to be performed on areas that are difficult to disinfect or if an infection already exists, preparation with cold plasma can significantly improve the outcome of the operation. Cold plasma is also used during or after surgery to fight infections, improve healing and remove damaged tissue.

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