New partner practice

New partner practice: and expansion of the Obersee practice

The small animal practice at Obersee GmbH was founded in 2009 by Dr. Leslie Wohlgroth and Dr. Michael Hiestand. It replaced the former small animal practice Unternährer which had been the local veterinary practice for many years at Zürcherstrasse 29. Although the practice premises have been continuously renovated and expanded, it is now time for change again. It is necessary to reorient the practice for the future. The requirements for small animal practices have changed and the demands of customers as well as employees have increased.

On January 3, 2023, the first cat practice in Switzerland was opened under the direction of Dr. med. vet. Leslie Wohlgroth in Horgen. The concept is already known from other countries. But in Switzerland, of all countries, with more than 2 million cats, there has not yet been a cat practice. The fact that cats have special needs is of course also taken into account in the small animal practice at Obersee, so the inpatients are accommodated in separate dog and cat rooms. In the new cat practice, however, the focus is now entirely on cats.

The small animal practice at Obersee under the direction of Dr. med. vet. Michael Hiestand will continue to care for dogs and cats as well as small pets. In spring 2023, an expansion of the premises is planned to meet the increased needs. 

Additional rooms for treatments and surgery preparation are provided, as well as a separate operating room. The orientation of the practice will be even more adapted to the focus on surgery, orthopedics and physical therapies as well as dentistry, in addition to the basic care of patients.

Already today, the Obersee practice works with the latest technology and is a leader in cold plasma therapy (dermatology and wound healing), more space is needed for this. We are looking forward to the new rooms!

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