Travel with animals

Depending on the country, different regulations apply. Most EU countries require a Microchip, a Pet passport and a valid Rabies vaccination. For the first vaccination the animal must be at least 12 weeks old and the validity occurs after 21 days. The rabies vaccination is valid for 3 years depending on the vaccine. If it is repeated without gaps, the validity period is extended by another 3 years. If the vaccination protection is not refreshed in time, there is again a blocking period of 21 days. Certain countries also require a Tapeworm treatment (1-5 days before, registered by the veterinarian in the passport) before entry.

In addition, the re-entry regulations must be observed. Switzerland is considered to be rabies-free. i.e. from rabies risk countries (e.g. Serbia, Georgia), in addition to the microchip, pet passport and rabies vaccination, it is also necessary to have a Rabies titer (blood test that proves that sufficient rabies antibodies are present) and a Re-entry permit. Other countries like the USA, require a health certificate. Overseas countries like Australia/New Zealand need a long preparation with various blood tests and vaccinations. Please inform yourself early at the respective consulate!

The Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office FSVO provides them with information about re-entry into Switzerland.


Also an adapted endo- and ectoparasite prophylaxis and possible further vaccinations are important for the health of your animal.

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