Generic drugs useful in any case?

The keyword 'generic' is on everyone's lips and is often viewed somewhat uncritically. These 'copies' of the 'original' drugs are not allowed to enter the market until the 'protection period' of the original has expired. This protection period is intended to protect the 'inventor' of a new drug so that the development costs of a new drug can first be amortized. Once this protection period has expired, generics often enter the market and the price of the drug comes under pressure. In most cases, the price of the original drops. It may be worth waiting for this effect before switching to a generic. Under certain circumstances, a generic drug may not work equally well or it may cause intolerances. Because the copy is the same in basic idea, but the formulation may differ in. Also, the effectiveness may not be achieved 100%, as the following newspaper article makes clear.

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